Happy Child With a Pulled Tooth

“I took my daughter to Downtown Nanaimo Dental Group to see Dr. Mahara about a new tooth that was coming in behind the baby tooth. Dr. Mahara was extremely patient and child friendly and took a good deal of extra time to ensure that there was no feeling in the tooth before the baby tooth was extracted. I left with a proud and happy little girl who said it was no big deal! I would highly recommend Dr. Mahara and the Downtown Dental Group team to any family. They understand how important it is for children not to associate bad feelings with the dentist chair. Thank you Dr. Mahara and team!”

Same Day Crown Success

“Went in for a crown last night, fantastic experience they now have a new machine that makes it right there,no more goop in your mouth to cast an impression no more waiting weeks it was all done that night!”

New CEREC Crown and Whitening

“From a tooth that was cracked and needing a lot of work to a beautiful crown in the same day and a short amount of time. Next is a whitening. Dr Mahara and his staff are incredible. Thanks!”

Loving the CEREC Crown!

“My dentist, Dr. San Mahara, recently rescued another aging tooth that had a large chip break off.  He did this by installing a CEREC crown.  With this type of crown, instead of the process being 2 steps requiring 2 appointments and tolerating a less comfortable temporary crown for 2 or 3 weeks, it was all done with 1 appointment!

I did have to wait in the chair for a while.  However, while waiting, Dr. Mahara took me into the room where the machine was cutting the crown to shape so that I could watch it operating.  Also, the assistant brought me a very good cup of coffee and gave me the remote for the overhead TV.  I found an old Star Trek movie, one of my favorites. The time soon passed and Dr. Mahara returned with my new crown ready to finalize the job.

And shortly my broken tooth was ready for fearless eating once again thanks to the speedy repair done by Dr. San Mahara.

Time is very valuable to me.  I really appreciated the fact that the time needed to have a crown put on was cut by 50%.  The crown seems just as good as any previous crown built at the dental lab.  If I need another such crown I will definitely go for the same procedure as it is so pleasing to have it done in one dental chair sitting!”

Teeth Whitening Thank You

“Thank you to the downtown dental group for the teeth whitening prize pack I won at the greater Nanaimo chamber of commerce business expo last month. I am amazed at the difference whitening made on my teeth. Your staff also made me feel very welcome and explained the process each step of the way.

Thank you again!”

Full Mouth Smile Makeover

“I must admit that I was somewhat reluctant to have full mouth permanent restorations, but with the exceptional care and professional dentistry techniques of Dr. Mahara, my worn teeth are beautifully conealed.  Smiling is now permitted!

A big thank you is also in order to the office staff for their encouragement, help and knowledge.”

Root Canal Praises

“I had a root canal with Dr. Mahara recently and am scheduled for another, and couldn’t feel more confident with his skills. He explained the process thoroughly and answered the many questions I had. Most important, though, was how incredibly deft he was doing the actual procedure. His speed and accuracy meant I spent the least amount of time in the chair, with minimal discomfort. Great dentist!”

Full Mouth Reconstruction

“Dr. Mahara has finally finished my dental work which has been ongoing for the last year. I think most of my teeth have crowns now, but I’m happy to have them, as my mouth feels and looks great. I’m thrilled with my smile (always a defining feature for me). I’d recommend Dr. Mahara and the group at Downtown Dental Group to anyone. They are up to date on all the new techniques and technology. I had root canals and couldn’t figure out why anyone would say they were painful. I didn’t feel anything during or after. My dental cleanings are more involved than I’ve ever experienced before. It’s a checkup of everything affected by oral health. They take pride in the care and outcome of the work they do. If anyone is looking for a dentist, they would be lucky to have this group taking care of them.”

Repaired Teeth

“Dr. Mahara, Lisa, Rachel and the rest of the Downtown Nanaimo Dental team!  Thanks for your patience with me and my questions and for doing such a great job on repairing my broken teeth! I like them more and more the more I look at them.

I so appreciate all of your efforts!”

Amazing Smile!

“Thank you Dr. Mahara for being so patient with me. I think my teeth look amazing and the best they ever have in my entire life.

Thanks again,”

Sedation Dentistry for Root Canal

“Just wanted you all to know that Dr. San Mahara at Downtown Dental Group enjoys doing root canals. This is really important for those of us with dental anxiety, since the awfulness of dentistry just won’t go away with wishful thinking.

So if you’re looking for a dentist who does sedation dentistry this is your guy. He’s that good.”

Corrected Bite and New Smile

“I am writing to say how pleased I am with my new crowns and the treatment I have received from Dr. Mahara and the staff at Downtown Nanaimo Dental Group. I have found Dr. Mahara to be pleasant, professional and considerate of my particular situation. My corrected bite has reduced the frequency of migraine and my new smile has given me improved confidence. Thank you.”

Tooth Whitening Pride

“When I looked into a mirror and saw yellow teeth I was not happy with myself. I read about teeth whitening when I was in the Downtown Nanaimo Dental office so I asked Dr Mahara if he thought that I could benefit from a teeth whitening. He checked my teeth and we discussed a couple of options to have this done. One option was a do it yourself system, and the other was an in-office whitening. I chose the in-office program.

The procedure took about 2 hours and the dental assistant did a great job asking me often if I was comfortable when applying the whitening. I am very happy to have this done. I go out of my way to smile at my friends now that I have white teeth.”