Dental insurance is a great benefit that many employers provide or that business people or families can purchase on their own to help reduce the risk of unexpected dental costs.  Unfortunately, dental plans can cause frustration when they’re not understood properly.

“Dental plans are a valuable component of extended health benefits and are designed to offset the cost of dental treatment,” says Dr. Hank Klein, President, British Columbia Dental Association. (

The frustration occurs when patients assume that dental insurance should dictate their treatment plan.  In fact, dental insurance is not designed to cover all dental expenses, but to offset dental fees.  Your dentist is a highly trained specialist and will recommend a treatment plan based on your unique case and the treatment options available to you.  At Downtown Nanaimo Dental Group we always provide patients with several treatment options where possible – from the best option to those that are quicker or more economical. It is ultimately your choice which of the recommended treatment options are acted on.

At Downtown Nanaimo Group, you can expect that we will help you as much as possible with your dental insurance claims by submitting your claims on your behalf and by deferring a portion of your payment for dental services based on the expected portion of the fees that will be paid by the dental insurer.  On average this leads to a delay of up to two months in our office being paid for dental services.  We do this as a service to our valued patients and it is not something that Dental offices are required to do.

To avoid surprises or frustration that may occur as a result of not fully understanding your dental insurance plan, the following are a few tips recommended on the BC Dental Association website to become an active and knowledgeable participant in your dental health:

  • Know your dental plan and what’s covered before your dental appointment to understand your portion of costs.
  • Plan for the future. Consider all your extended health costs when planning for your retirement
  • Discuss all treatment options with your dentist to make an informed decision based on your dental health needs.  Understand any health risks associated with delaying or refusing treatment
  • Prevention is still the best treatment for everyone in your family: brush and floss daily; limit sugary drinks and snacks; don’t smoke; and have an examination by a dentist at least once a year to diagnose problems before they become more complex and costly.

Downtown Nanaimo Dental Group is proud to serve your complete dental health needs in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.  Our Nanaimo dentists and dental hygienists believe in continuous learning to bring you the latest technology in dental medicine and our team of dental professionals aspire to the highest level of patient care.  At each visit to our office we treat you with the respect, honesty and dignity that you deserve.