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Children are fortunate to be growing up at a time when dental education and access to a dental professional are at a children's dental downtown nanaimohigh point.  We know that it is possible for kids to grow up never knowing what a cavity and filling feels like –and it all starts with strong oral health habits!

The keys to your child’s oral health

Essentially, if your child can develop the following habits, he or she will be on their way toward a lifetime of dental health:

  • Brush teeth effectively twice per day
  • Floss teeth effectively every day
  • Visit the dentist at the intervals suggested by our downtown Nanaimo dental group for hygiene appointments and check-ups

It seems so simple, but we know that parents need help keeping their children on track.  Here are some of the ways that Downtown Nanaimo Dental Group can help!

Dental Education

It’s important to help your children develop early dental habits that can last a lifetime as your child grows. Regular visits to the dentist and dental hygienist will encourage proper dental home care and teach your child how diet and cavities are related.

Fix problems when they are small

Many dental problems can be corrected if caught early.  This includes crowded teeth and irregular bites due to narrow jaws or underdeveloped lower jaws.

Children between the ages of 7 may be prescribed dental appliances to correct these types of problems.

Our dentists enjoy working with children

Although it may be recommended that your child see a pediatric specialized dentist for more complex treatments, we can handle most of your child’s dental needs in our clinic.  Downtown Nanaimo Dental Group offers the following children’s dental services:

Dental hygiene and preventative treatments

Dental education on brushing and flossing for infants to children

Assessing the need for orthodontics for children and teens

Sports mouthguards for children and teens

Emergency care for kids

Keeping it fun!

We try to make your child’s visit to the dentist as fun and enjoyable as possible –and your children will learn that there really is no need to fear the dentist.  Your children can enjoy games and tv in our reception area and treatment rooms.   As a parent, you can help by speaking positively and having fun with a trip to the dentist.  Tell young children that the dentist is going to count their teeth and watch your children respond!

Rewarding good oral health

We enjoy giving a small toy to kids after their visit to the dentist. Encourage your child to ask for a toy after their visit.  More importantly, however, make sure that your child gets lots of positive feedback.

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Downtown Nanaimo Dental Group strives to have every child we treat grow up with the proper dental habits needed to maintain good oral health and prevent disease.  Please contact us to book an appointment for your child or for all your family’s dental needs today!